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    1. Blacklisted Modifications

    Any modification which gives the user an unfair advantage is not allowed, this includes but is not limited to Hacked clients, Macro’s or any mods not listed on the “allowed modifications” list.

    1st Offense: Permanent Ban

    2. Advertising

    The posting of any server IP’ either publically, or privately is not tolerated, no matter the circumstances. This also includes links to Videos/Streams which are of different servers.

    1st Offense: Permanent Ban

    3. Abusing Glitches/Exploits

    If any bugs, glitches or exploits arise, they must be reported to staff immediately. Any abuse of any of these is not tolerated. This can include, Glitching into bases, duplications, or money exploits. Though is not limited to this.

    1st Offense: Permanent Ban(Depending on severity, option to buy an unban may be removed)

    4. Racism/Disrespect

    Any words, or phrases which will cause offense to another player is not tolerated, swearing is allowed, but if directed at people can be constituted as disrespect. There is no exact phrases which equate to a punishment, it is purely up to staff per scenario. This also includes the renaming of items to target any race, or player.

    Inappropriate/Offensive names will be removed from the server until the name is changed. Inappropriate skins will follow the same ruling.

    1st Offense: Formal Warning

    2nd Offense: 30 Minute Temporary Mute (Valid for 1 hour after Warning)

    3rd Offense or refusal to stop/change: 1 Hour Temporary Mute (Valid for 1 hour after previous Mute expiration)

    4th Offense: 1 Day Temporary Mute (Valid for 1 hour after previous Mute expiration) 5th Offense: 1 Day Temporary Ban (Valid for 1 day after previous Mute expiration)

    5. Spam/Flooding Chat

    Posting the same, or similar message 3 or more times is constituted as spam. This also includes posting these messages in intervals without any meaningful comments in the meantime.

    Flooding chat with random symbols/letters/numbers/etc is also constituted under spam.

    1st Offense: Formal Warning

    2nd Offense: 1 Hour Temporary Mute 3rd Offense: 1 Day Temporary Mute 4th Offense: 1 Week Temporary Mute

    6. Chargebacks

    As stated in the stores terms of payment, when you purchase a rank you can not chargeback or be refunded under any circumstances, opening a dispute will be challenged. You will not be able to purchase an unban, and will only be unbanned through cancelling the dispute or paying the dispute back.

    1st Offense: Permanent Ban

    7. Speaking English

    The server is based around the English language, this is so staff can do their job fully and understand what is being said. You may speak a different language in private messages, or faction chats.

    1st Offense: Verbal Warning 2nd Offense: Formal Warning

    3rd Offense: 30 Minute Temporary Mute 4th Offense: 1 Hour Temporary Mute 5th Offense: 1 Day Temporary Mute

    8. Abuse of /nick or Impersonation

    Players who have access to /nick must choose a nick that enables players & staff to have a rough idea of who the person is, which means having the Mainpart of your IGN in your nick.

    Attempting to impersonate staff, or players is also not tolerated, and will immediately skip a warning.

    1st Offense: Formal Warning

    2nd Offense: 5 Day Temporary Ban (If in cases of impersonation this is the immediate action)

    3rd Offense: 14 Day Temporary Ban 4th Offense: Removal of /nick

    9. Buffer Limit

    Faction bases must have a maximum of 20 claims in any direction, beginning at the wall of the base, after these claims, there must be a 3 chunk block. This applies to other faction bases, there must be a 3 chunk gap between bases, otherwise those buffers will be counted towards the base which was there first. This applies per base, so if a base is raided, the rule restarts when a new base is built.

    1st Offense: Faction told about buffers (as well as claims unclaimed) 2nd Offense: Extra claims removed (no warning)

    3rd Offense: Base unclaimed(no warning)

    10. Death Wishes/Threats/Suicide Encouragement

    Using statements, phrases or telling someone to die whether making it clear or not is by no means acceptable and is not tolerated.

    1st Offense: 1 Week Temporary Mute 2nd Offense: Permanent Mute

    3rd Offense: 14 Day Temporary Ban

    4th Offense: Permanent Global Ban (Permanent Mute doesn’t go away if unban is purchased)

    11. Buying players lower ranks

    Buying ranks for other players to either downgrade them, or to chargeback on them is not tolerated. Charging back will have the ban moved to yourself.

    1st Offense: 30 Day Temporary Ban (Chargeback = Permanent) 2nd Offense: Buycraft Banned & Permanent Ban

    12. No Inappropriate Links

    Any links which are related to pornagraphic images/actions, or screamers is not tolerated.

    1st Offense: Permanent Mute

    13. Ban Evasion

    Players who are banned on another account cannot join the server until the original account is unbanned. In cases of public alts, these are used at your own risk, and if they get banned (by

    anyone, doesn’t have to be you) you will serve the punishment. Similarly to if you share an account with a friend. If you have your main account banned and your alt account banned for ban evasion, and purchase an unban on one of these, you will not be banned for Ban Evasion.

    1st Offence: Permanent Ban 2nd Offence: Permanent IP Ban

    14. Mute Evasion

    Player who are muted on another account cannot message staff or players in regards to being unmuted or to disrespect the reporter/muter, nor can they go on an alternate account to bypass the mute

    1st Offence: If via /msg (or equivalent) ban will equate to length of mute. (Unless Permanent Mute, this will equate to a 7 day ban)

    If via an alt, both accounts will be muted for double the original length. (In cases of permanent mutes, alternate account will also be permanent muted).

    15. Fake Proof

    Any proof made falsely in attempt to get someone banned is not tolerated, this includes Photoshop, fake hacker, or any other means.

    1st Offence: Permanent Ban

    16. Releasing Private/Personal Information

    Any information that is not yours to release is not allowed to be publically posted. This can include a users skype, address, email address, phone number, full name or any other information deemed necessary. A users age does not fall under this heading.

    1st Offence: Permanent Ban

    17. Withholding Proof/Blackmail

    Attempting or threatening to use proof of someone breaking a rule against them for your own personal gain is not tolerated. This can also include withholding proof from staff waiting for someone to do something wrong by you or purchase an unban.

    1st Offence: 7 Day Temporary Ban 2nd Offence: 14 Day Temporary Ban 3rd Offence: Permanent Ban

    18. Admitting to Breaking the Rules

    Any admissions to breaking any rules in /msg or /mail will be treated as an honest thing as this is a private mode of talking, and will be punished by the according rule. Any admission in public chat or faction/ally/truce chat will not be punished.

    1st Offence: Permanent Ban

    19. Malicious Links

    Any phishing, malicious or account stealing links are not tolerated.

    1st Offence: Permanent Ban (Buycraft Banned)

    20. DDOSing/Doxing/Hacking/Threats

    Threats to do any of the listed above, plus any other cyber attacks, is strictly prohibited. This includes threats towards users or the server as a whole, and also entails any methods to obtaining private information (Such as IP loggers)

    1st Offence: Permanent Ban​
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